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Yinan Xia, Rotman MBA

Managing Partner & Broker | Bay Street Group Inc.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto

B.Math, Actuarial Science & Finance - University of Waterloo

Registered Real Estate Broker in Ontario, Canada

Residential Tenancies Act of Ontario Certified Training


Extensive experience in residential and commercial real estate, resale, pre-construction, assignment and lease transactions

17+ years of real estate investment and tenant/property management experience

Adjunct lecturer for both Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investment Courses at Victoria International College of Business and Technology

Lead a direct sales team of 35 real estate specialists, and provide advanced sales training to over 1300 real estate professionals


Top 1% Realtor in the Greater Toronto Area by annual gross sales 2016-2023

2023 - Chairman's Club Award
2023 - Champion of Social Media Influence
2022 - Diamond Club Award
2022 - Champion of Team Leader Award
2021 - Diamond Club Award
2021 - $200 Million Champion of Sales
2020 - Diamond Club Award
2020 - Best Client Service Feedback Award
2019 - Diamond Club Award
2018 - Chairman's Club Award
2018 - Highest Resale Transaction Team
2017 - Chairman's Club Award
2016 - Diamond Club Award

Our commitment

Providing the highest standard of professional real estate services while establishing long term trusted business relationships with all of our clients

We invest 100% of our efforts to help achieve your goals regardless of the size of the transactions

Yinan is known for consistently going above & beyond to help his clients achieving their goals with optimal efficiency

Matthew L

Yinan helps me and my wife find our new home this year. We truly enjoy the journey with him. With his professional advice and network I am able to keep my previous home and get our dream home. He is more than a realtor for me, he is truly an real estate partner and planner. He is also very experienced in negotiation and understand how to handle different client. I look forward to work with him again in the future and I would recommend him to anyone who is pursuing their dream home.

Janet Z

I worked with Yinan in purchasing a home in 2020. With his industry expertise and powerful network, I was able to keep my existing home and buy a new dream home. He provides excellent insight into real estate investment market and works with a team of top notch professionals. He is very experienced in handling complicated deal negotiations and finance strategies. He stayed calm under high pressure and is rational in guiding me through the negotiation process. Following his lead, I saved thousands of dollars in purchasing price and expanded my real estate investment portfolio. I would highly recommend everyone to partner with him to purchase/sell your property, invite him as a speaker for real estate industry, or invite him to build your real estate empire.

Jenn J

I am a student looking to buy my first apartment when I first consulted Yinan on home purchase. My concerns extends from pricing, location, mortgage, to investment potentials. Yinan not only helped me narrow down the options based on my needs, but generously shared his acute business insights on GTA real estate market with me. Yinan is very responsive regardless of time of the day. He is also very organized and detail-oriented, so I understand clearly which stage we were in, the next steps to take, and what price range deemed reasonable. It was a pleasant, efficient, and smooth experience. Also shout out to his YouTube channel, where you can find plenty of resources and see a bigger picture of the market.

Daniel W

It is an absolute pleasure that my wife and I work with Yinan to buy our first house before the new year, and he is far and beyond the best real estate agent I have ever interacted with. He patiently showed us different levels of homes in the area we were looking for and gave us trusted; honest and reliable advice. Besides, Yinan quickly understood our needs, provided feedbacks as to their relative importance, and was able to narrow down the list of houses in our best interest. We really appreciate his professionalism, his expertise, and in-depth knowledge within the industry that helped us make the final decision. Furthermore, Yinan helped us throughout the negotiation process and settle a favorable price for our first home. Overall, Yinan offered us an exceptional buying experience without any stress, and we were delighted. I look forward to working with him again in the future and I would have no reservations about recommending Yinan to not only my friends and families but also anyone who is looking to buy/sell a home! The moment you contact him, you are making the right decision!

William S

Yinan is the best agent I have ever met until now. He showed the perfect profession, patience and dedication. He gave us sufficient professional advice and analysis about real estate we want to buy. He presents the appropriate information which shows he is so familiar with the GTA housing market so I am able to make the right decisions. I can tell he is passionate for his role and he absolutely stands on our side to suggest-even his suggestion is against his advantages--I mean he really cares about customers sincerely, wants to build up a long term relationship, not a on shoot business as many agents do. We are so lucky to have him as our agent. We can communicate with him about anything from mortgage to house without stress, not only because he has much experience but also because he is worth trusting in. Yinan gave us tons of professional advice in the whole process for purchasing a house and always respected our feelings in this process. And he willingly helps us with anything about house issues through his networking even after the purchase process. I recommend Yinan to anyone who is interested in purchasing their houses since you will get your dream house as we did, no matter it's a housing investment or your own house!

Mavis S

Yinan's service blew me away!!! And I'm usually quite hard to impress. I've literally saved tens of thousands of dollars because of Yinan's professional judgement and negotiation skills. In the past month, Yinan has helped me with selling a house with very satisfactory price, buying another house with a reasonable price and multiple competing offers (dream location), as well as establishing a long-term investment strategy that fits my personal needs. He is extremely patient, caring, and thoughtful. He pretty much took care of all planning from getting the house ready for staging, all the way to closing arrangements. Also, I found afterwards that, during the evening of negotiating the multiple offer, he was also attending hundreds of other clients to get ready for the opening day of a super competitive pre-construction project. I didn't even sense how busy he was that evening, because he so patiently addressed every single detailed question I had. I was so moved! Thank you for your extraordinary service Yinan! I'll be your lifetime customer!

Ryan W

Yinan worked tirelessly with my wife and I to find our perfect home in Toronto, which was no small feat during the pandemic. He helped to talk us through all of our anxieties and ensured that we could still pursue our goal while being safe and compliant with regulations. He was thoughtful, insightful and tactical in our hunt, and was always receptive to our feedback (and patient with our hemming and hawing!). We're very happy to have found our home with Yinan's help, and can't recommend him highly enough.

Marius Z

Yinan helped me and my wife find a dream home. We thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration. Yinan made a point to listen carefully to our criteria, structure them, provide feedback as to their relative importance, and in the end come with a truly well-curated short-list of houses. His efficiency and deep insight in the market were particularly appreciated in the context of the pandemic, as it meant we didn't have to engage in a long and costly search. Further, Yinan thinks deeply about the dynamics of the market and was able to identify elements of value (or cost) that might not otherwise be transparent. I would recommend him to anyone searching for a home, and who wants an analytical, knowledgeable and helpful person in their corner.

Ryan D

Yinan is more than a real estate agent. He is an end to end real estate partner and planner that adds value every step of the way to set you up for success in your long-term financial journey. When we first met he quickly understood my needs and came up with a long-term plan that capitalized COVID short term market fluctuations and set me up for long term success. When he sold my 1BR condo he provided several services out of pocket far above and beyond my previous agent. On offer presentation date he secured multiple firm offers on my condo in the middle of COVID when everything else was being sold conditional if at all. When it came to buy the value was even stronger. He knew everything about every condo building and we were quickly able to narrow down to our target buildings. However, he was still patient with me and let me come to my own conclusions including showing a condo for me a second time at 11pm. He never pushed me into doing anything and even told me to not counteroffer on a property because the competing offer was overpriced. When the perfect 3BR unit came on the market Yinan was ready and used his superior understanding of the market, data, and negotiation to get me the unit for $48K less than the fair market price and with a home inspection condition. All along the way Yinan was providing a large amount of information in an easy to understand way that was setting me up for future success. Even if I had access to a ‘free’ agent I would rather pay Yinan’s full commission because the value he brings to me as my life-long real estate partner is significantly higher. I look forward to working with him again in the future. 

Joanna M

Working with Yinan has been an absolute pleasure! I can't appraise him enough for his professionalism and knowledge within the industry. He was diligent and highly attentive. Whenever I have a question, he responds within a short amount of time and provides all the necessary information. He always keeps his client's best interest in mind. When it comes to negotiations, he leverages his expertise and experience to the fullest and was able to land me a deal at a price beyond my expectation. I am more than happy to recommend Yinan to anyone who is looking to buy/sell a home!

Bonnie O

To begin with, you would rarely see a real estate agent has tons of positive reviews given by the clients on Linkedin, and this tells you one thing, Yinan is GREAT! I strongly agree with the comments mentioned by his other clients and even clients are from different backgrounds and investment needs, we all feel the same and impressed by his professionalism and credibility. I am a first-time buyer and a new immigrant in Toronto. Yinan patiently showed me homes all over the GTA and helped me to decide which locations and what kind of property types to settle down by providing really honest and reliable advice. He really thinks in others' shoes and provides objective suggestions that make you comfortable to work with. Personally, I really appreciate his expertise and patience. I never felt pushed to make a decision and the whole buying process is smooth and satisfied. I wouldn't consider Yinan as a real estate agent in the market, he is an outstanding real estate expert that drives for the best quality service and really set the industry standards. I've recommended Yinan to everyone I know and if you are looking for the best service in the industry, look no further!

Jessie Y

Yinan is far and beyond the best agent I have ever interacted with! His professionalism, dedication and going-above-and-beyond ethic is exemplary. When I was ready to make an offer on a property, he was a skillful and realistic negotiator. I highly recommend Yinan to anyone who is interested in purchasing a home! 

Tony Y

It was a great pleasure having Yinan as my real estate agent. I was not only impressed by his professionalism and knowledge in the industry but also his great attention to detail and patience. He is someone who truly cares about what clients need and always give genuine advice, I never felt pushed to make a decision and the whole buying process was very smooth and comfortable, I really appreciate his efforts and dedications. Yinan has my strong recommendation and I would look forward to working with him again in the future!

Jinli Y

Yinan came highly recommended when we were out looking to purchase our first house during a time of pandemic. His expertise and professionalism made the whole process smooth and worry free. He also demonstrated great care towards customer satisfaction and worked to resolve issues we had after closing. It was a pleasant experience and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

Alex L

It was my great pleasure working with Yinan, a knowledgeable, professional, and caring real estate agent. He knows exactly what I am looking for, and I am thrilled to have successfully secured an ideal floor plan on a pre-con project that's in high demand. The real estate market is fraught with traps and deceits, which underscores the importance of finding the right people to work with. Yinan is someone who you can trust with your eyes closed, and I look forward to collaborating with him again in the future!

Siew Ming Y

Yinan is a trusted professional that my fiancé and I were so fortunate to work with. He impressed us with his quality service and in depth knowledge of the Toronto housing market. He patiently showed us homes all over the GTA and gave us honest, insightful feedback. When we finally found a home that satisfied every requirement on our list, we were met with a stubborn seller who refused to negotiate. We tried, but eventually gave up and went on to bid for another home. Unknown to us, while we had moved on, Yinan was actively following up with the sellers agent, fully knowing our original desires. His efforts persisted and eventually paid off just in time as we were about to place an offer on another property. He managed to convince the seller of the first home that we were the right buyers of the home. On top of that, he helped us throughout the negotiation process and secured favourable pricing for us. I’m writing this review a year later and to this day, we are still so grateful to Yinan for helping us look for our perfect first home.

Janny W

Yinan is a very responsible and professional realtor with my strong recommendation. He not only provided professional service on my recent condo purchase under an intensively competitive circumstance, but also shared his oversight on the market according to my preference and needs. And I personally learned a lot from him! He's very knowledgeable in the field of real estate with strong financial background and networking. It's really appreciated for your professionalism and assistance, I am very satisfied with my new home and condo choice.

Grace L

If you are a professional working in financial industry and always being very analytical about your investment - Yinan is the best real estate agent in the GTA area you could find that suits all your needs. Amongst all other things, Yinan's analytical and modelling skills are phenomenal! Furthermore, he could explain the very complicated financial investment logics in plain English which makes it such an easy thing to understand. Even more importantly, Yinan's so genuine and he would never exaggerate or over-sell. He would stand in your shoes and consider the real estate investment opportunities from different angles (whether it is for your own use or pure investment purposes) - from your personal preference, financial feasibility, and all the way to the market evolvement! To me, this is the most important character of a real estate agent. He's so nice, friendly, and with such outstanding communication skills so that although the messages and information he provided are insightful and with large volume - you will never feel overwhelmed. Also from a financial service background, I truly understand that the only reason why Yinan could provide such one-of-a-kind service is that he exercises "care for his clients" as his core value. Long story short is that, we met Yinan during a relaxing weekend afternoon where I booked an appointment with Yinan to see a pre-construction house site with no concrete plan to buy the house. We decided to buy the house the second time we saw him (we did not know each other before that weekend and I have worked with so many other agents in the GTA market). Thanks to Yinan, we were able to grab the perfect opportunity to get the house in a market down term and made the best investment decision ever when we were not sure about the right thing to do in a fluctuating market. We are now enjoying our house everyday now and you deserve the joy too! Talk to Yinan today see what you will find out about the market 😀

Emerson P

Yinan helped us purchase our first house. I am grateful to have Yinan as our real estate agent, not only because of his abundant knowledge of GTA real estate, but also his understanding of fundamental economics. He demonstrated in understanding our concerns first before providing advice. His professionalism, detail oriented attitude, and strong negotiating skills helped us make the 1st offer accepted. As we used to live in a Condo, Yinan also provided a lot of guidance on living in and maintaining a house. Definitely recommend Yinan! I am looking forward co-operating with him again in the future.

Yi W

Professionalism is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Yinan. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for 2 years. Before that, I was actually impressed with Yinan’s ability to understand the local housing market very well. His engaging personality makes people feel comfortable to work with him. And, of course, his ability to always put client's priority in this fluctuated market. Save a lot of hustle for us. I appreciate all of his efforts and dedication.

Bill C

Worked with Yinan on purchasing a preconstruction condo, and he was able to engage his network, helped me finding a desirable floor plan in an oversubscribed project. For what is otherwise an opaque and convoluted process, his experience in execution and network of resources helped to make the buying experience as pleasant and seamless as possible, which is not something every realtor can confidently provide. Yinan is able to add additional value through his analysis and understanding of the broad real estate market, further elevating himself as a great asset for homeowners, investors, and prospective buyers.

Fadi AbdeL M

Navigating the often stormy world of real estate can be challenging, not to be ventured into without a trusted adviser. In Yinan, I found exactly that. His sharp, professional, dedicated and passionate attitude got me through the finish line on a number of occasions. Yinan embodies an invaluable trove of experience, understanding of legal and real estate processes, knowledge of the market, the ability to see around corners and most importantly, working hard to achieve my requirements. Yinan is an excellent adviser whom I will most certainly work with again in the future.

Julius S

Yinan is a true professional in the real estate investing space. As a real estate investor myself, having a realtor who understands not only the transaction but the underlying economic fundamentals is critical. Any realtor can sell a house, not all realtor can sell an investment. Make sure you ask for Yinan’s analysis and professional assessments, because I asked and learned a lot!

Cindy Z.

Yinan has been very diligent, insightful, patient and professional as always. I have known him for over five years and have always been impressed by the supports he offered, great market researches and analysis he did, also I truly benefited significantly from his expertises on my presale investment. Recently, he helped me to close a deal with a great price, which could not happen without his excellent negotiation skills, insights of the market, years of experience and most importantly, the great concern of his clients.

Cynthia Q.

Yinan is a highly professional, experienced and reliable real estate agent. He learns your preference along the viewing process and tries to think in your shoes.

I feel confident, safe, and content by trusting him with buying my first property, which is the biggest investment in my life so far. I found that he would try to bargain for a good price if there’s negotiation room, and if it’s a bidding war he would ensure you close the deal within reasonable price. He knew that I needed time to make decisions and he was patient and not pushy. He’s become more than just an agent for me, but a teacher, a friend, and a mentor as well. I would without a doubt recommend Yinan to anybody!

Jeff E.

Yinan is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful realtors in the GTA. He takes time to research all aspects of the property and is able to get the insights required to invest and purchase with confidence. He is also patient with his customers like me who ask a lot of questions about the whole end to end process of investing. Working with Yinan was a great experience.

Christina W.

Had a very pleasant experience with Yinan. He was professional throughout the process and knowledgeable about the Toronto real estate market. I believe him to be one of the few agents out there who will communicate truthfully about the value of a property.

Bo X.

Yinan was great. He was able to deliver a result that exceeds my expectations. Before I went to Yinan, I talked with different agents and spent some time doing research on my own. None of them was able to deliver what Yinan could do. In fact, he tends to underpromise and overdeliver. In addition, Yinan is down-to-earth and accessible. I recommend Yinan and will go to him again in the future.

Sandy X.

Compared to the other agent I've met, Yinan is definitely one of the most competent agents (familiar with technology, timely reply, problem solver, good price negotiator). He helped us find our new home just on time 🙂 Looking forward to further co-operating with him.

Hui L.

Yinan is a real expert in real estate. I asked Yinan for help because my condo has been listed by another agent for sale for 3 months but failed to sell. However Yinan sold my condo in 15 days! Firstly he correctly pointed out the main reason for failure, then he analyzed the possible buyer for my condo (correct market positioning), finally he offered me three workable strategies---he is a perfect problem solver. What impressed me most is his professionalism, including cleaning, staging, brochures, being visible on different marketing channels, market analysis, even customized terms on Agreement, all details are professional and effective. And what I also appreciate very much is his communication skills, he did a lot of communication work for me, so help me save time and energy which is critical for me as a working mom for two kids.

Sandra Z.

Yinan helped us navigate our first condo purchase and we were immensely grateful for his great work ethic. On our closing day he was up until midnight with us guiding us through the process. We were able to get an accepted offer in two days and close in less than a month. We look forward to working with him again!

Erwin Z.

We moved to Toronto from Calgary last year and Yinan was referred to us by a friend. Yinan has assisted us with finding a place to rent when we first moved here and more recently buying our new home. I have to say the house hunting process hasn't been the most relaxing experience for us coming from Alberta market to Toronto market. Fortunately we have Yinan working alongside with us throughout the journey. He has demonstrated high level of professionalism, great customer service, deep knowledge in real estate and strong passion for his profession. Each time we go on a house hunting trip we learn something new from Yinan. We wish Yinan success and would recommend Yinan to any prospective buyers/sellers of real estate.

Erica H.

Yinan is rational, knowledgeable and resourceful. He is alwaysapproachable and patient for questions. It’s rare in the over heatedGTA broker space these days to have someone who is valueadding, stats driven and with solid transaction experience. Highlyrecommend!

Jimmy Y.

Great experience working with Yinan. I'll highlight three specific things...

1. Prompt and thorough responses to questions - before contracting all the way to final closing. He told me the truth and spoke very factual

2. Professional service and great value - the resources of the firm seem quite extensive and of high quality for photography, listing, brochures, interior design, marketing, etc.

3. Thoughtfulness and general kindness - consulted me on listing to make sure I was comfortable that I had captured all aspects of my house + personally shovelled my driveway and small services that any other agent would not have performed

Tanu D.

My parents and I just bought a place and thanks to Yinan it waseffortless. He is professional, gave us all the right advise andhonestly we are very happy with our purchase. I will recommendYinan for future projects also.

Grace T.

I have worked with several realtors and Yinan is definitely the most professional and trustworthy one. He is always very responsive and is willing to accommodate my schedule. He scheduled a viewing for me within 24 hours and helped me secured the offer on the same day. I highly recommend working with Yinan, he makes the transaction a lot easier for his clients.

Becca W.

Yinan has been very professional, patient and helpful throughout the process. He’s also extremely knowledgeable and never had my question unanswered. When my personal schedule had conflict with the closing date, he went above and beyond to negotiate with the seller and had the closing date adjusted for almost 2 months. My purchase went smoothly and worry-free thanks to him!

Frank F.

I had the pleasure working with Yinan on my first home purchase experience and was very impressed by the professionalism Yinan demonstrated throughout the process. Responsive, patient, articulate with unique market insights & outstanding negotiation skills. I would highly recommend Yinan as a great adviser for your next real estate endeavour.

Gloria C.

I highly recommend Yinan! He is very knowledgeable and experienced and always available to help and provide guidance.

Grace W.

Yinan is an expert in purchasing a real estate who are very smart, considerate and knowledgable. He can not only provide useful advice in estimating property and meeting the clients' needs but also bring other great experts in relevant areas such as decoration, renovation, mortgage and financial planning experts who are also very brilliant and helpful.

Boyan L.

Yinan is my family's favorite realtor. He helped us with few transactions - super service and excellent advice! Recommend!

Kathy A.

I have the pleasure to have known Yinan for a few years. As a friend, he put himself in my shoes and gave sincere advice regarding my career and life choices. As a realtor, he goes an extra mile to provide excellent service. When I left Canada, Yinan managed my property. Just recently, my tenant had an urgent request that I was deeply concerned but wouldn't be there to help. Yinan stepped in and took a great care of the issues at a low cost the next day, which I couldn't say enough how much I appreciated the speed of response and the quality of service. My tenant sent me a thank-you note to say how lucky they have me as a landlord, but I know that I'm the lucky one who have Yinan as my agent and friend.

Lisa P.

Yinan is an amazing realtor. He goes the extra mile to ensure his clients get the property they are looking for, at a price point they can afford. He walks you through the whole process from what to check in a walk through, things to think about in terms of neighborhood, how the paperwork works, the negotiation process, referrals to mortgage brokers, lawyers, and even plumbers...and stays with you through the whole closing process to ensure everything goes smoothly. I strongly recommend Yinan to any first time buyers, like me. He's a real estate agent that you CAN actually TRUST!

Stanley S.

I would definitely recommend Yinan and his team! This was not my first buying/selling of a home but was the first time I really felt the agent knew his business. Yinan always comes to meet me fully prep'ed with very helpful information and explained his process in a way that definitely showed his expertise in real estate. I am also quite impressed by Yinan's timely response given the number of client he serves on a daily basis. Yinan is also a fun person to work with. Thanks for your help again! 

Paul H.

Yinan helped us finding our first home in Canada. He is knowledgeable, considerate and willing to go the extra mile to deliver a pleasant condo-hunting experience. I feel comfortable working with Yinan while he guided us through the entire process - from how to spot issues during viewings to what to prepare for the closing day. Yinan also helped us connect with the right mortgage brokers and lawyers.

I recommend Yinan to any first-time home buyers like us, and I can see myself working with him again when we sell/buy properties in the future.

Cindy S.

As first time home buyers, we were very particular and shopped around for realtors for quite some time. To us, it was important to find someone who was knowledgeable and trustworthy. Yinan exceeded our expectations and more. Every step of the way, he answered questions, was very patient and worked with us to help with a smooth closing. I have, and would continue to recommend Yinan, especially if you're looking in the GTA and Kitchener area.

Cindy Z.

Yinan helped me to rent out my condo. He has been very professional and patient. He proactively provided updates on showings and insightful suggestions on tenant selection. With his help, I leased my suite out to a tenant with good quality in short period of time. Thank you Yinan for all your help!

Michael H.

I am very pleased with and so grateful to Yinan for his fantastic service in helping us buying and leasing out a condo.

Yinan is very professional, quite responsive, and very efficient. He knows Toronto real estate market especially condo market extremely well. His communication and negotiation skills are second to none. We could not be happier with his service and highly recommend him to anyone who wants to purchase a property in Great Toronto Area.

Lucy Y.

A professional and knowledgable realtor who truly cares about his clients. Had a worry-free condo purchasing experience with Yinan 🙂

Sarah L.

Yinan is a very professional, knowledgable and responsible realtor! He is very patient and has provided the fair comments of the selected units and regions. He has a strong negotiating skills which helped to get my target efficiently. I highly recommended him to any buyers!

Yiran Z.

Motivated realtor with quick thinking!

Stephanie W.

I'd definitely recommend Yinan for any real estate buyers. He is very knowledgeable and efficient. We only spent about two weekends and settled in a condo in the downtown core. I am very happy with my purchase: good location close to work and ideal concept of unit layout. Yinan has provided both pros and cons of each unit we visited which was key to our efficient buying experience. 

Bingxu F.

I worked with Yinan in 2016 when I was looking for a condo for purchase around the UofT campus. Yinan is very professional and knowledgeable about the real estate market, especially the condo market in the downtown area. More importantly, Yinan is always in work mode, even late in the night, so that we could react quickly to new listings on the market. I am extremely happy with the unit that we ended up with during such a competitive market at that time.

Roxanne Y.

Professional, smart and easily communicated

Allen L.

Excellent service! Professional and reliable people. Highly recommend!

Vibhav L.

Yinan has been a great help in finding potential tenants, screenings the candidates, and doing any due diligence on the candidates. We were able to close within the given timeframe with the help of Yinan and team. Yinan brings professionalism, his expertise, and experience while dealing with prospective tenants. Yinan maintains professional yet friendly correspondence between the landlord and the prospective tenants. His judgement and knowledge helped converge on the right fit promptly.

Zachary F.

I dealt with Yinan for a condo purchase in the earlier 2018. Yinan was extremely accommodative on all my viewing requests no matter where and when, he was tirelessly working straight 7 days a week non stop. Because this was my first purchase, Yinan was also very patient with me as I had a very hard time on making the final call. We eventually found a great unit in central/core downtown Toronto. I would recommend Yinan to any buyers, especially young professionals who are thinking to purchase in the core downtown area.

Erica G.

I’m extremely pleased with Yinan’s service and expertise. He is a strong negotiator, works well under pressure and is knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate. He is a very reliable and professional agent. I highly recommend Yinan to any client looking to buy or sell real estate in Toronto.

Angela W.

Having worked with Yinan on multiple real estate transactions, he is my trusted go-to person for my real estate related questions. Yinan is very patient and has always been there for me in times of need to wade through the complexity of the transactions, providing sound advice and resolving issues effectively, which is especially important for my portfolio since I often travel overseas and need to collaborate remotely. Highly recommended.

Ren S.

Yinan is very professional in the area of helping his clients buying and selling real estate. By studying clients' need, he provides many options, all of which are carefully chosen. He is a very fun person to work with and has many connections in business and other industries.

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